Is a smear campaign being waged against your CEO? To safeguard their reputation, they hire OCT.

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Repair and Protect Your CEO's Reputation.

If you’ve ever been the victim of internet slander or defamation, you’re well aware of how anonymous people can destroy your reputation by leaving hateful comments, videos, or blog posts.

Your reputation is unimportant to Google and other search engines. Search results are sorted for relevance and popularity. As a result, whether you’ve received terrible news or if previous social media posts are coming back to haunt you, protecting your online reputation is very important.

Orange Computing Technology specializes in online reputation management. Our SEO, social media marketing, content creation, public relations, and crisis management experts have extensive experience.



When something significant happens, everyone expects the CEO to be one of the first to speak up. Having a clear message can assist mitigate the damage that a potentially detrimental event can produce, regardless of the context. We keep an eye on what's going on with the brand and your name so we can react quickly if something happens.

Connect With Media Influencers

We’re the ones to tell if your company or brand has something to communicate. Our specialized public relations team has vast experience planning and implementing innovative regional, national, and international media relations campaigns across a number of media formats, including print, radio, television, and social media, to our extensive network of connections.
Our copywriters have years of experience and can create material that stands out. Your brand’s messages will be delivered to the right people in the most effective way possible, whether they are aimed at consumers or businesses.



Mastering search results is one of the most effective strategies to improve an online reputation. When someone searches your name online, we'll make sure they see favorable news and web profiles. Our staff is ready to put together a complete SEO strategy to help positive results rise and bad results fall.

We establish your CEO as an authority.

Social networking is one of your most valuable online assets, but it’s also one of your most dangerous. It’s difficult to perfect, but it’s also trivial to sabotage with just one message. We assist you in managing your profiles, sharing the appropriate content, and enhancing your social media presence. In order to prevent misinformation or inaccurate posts, we also monitor what others are saying about you and your brand. Negativity and complaints are evaluated and addressed directly to reduce the negative influence on your reputation and brand.

Helped our construction company flourish.

“Orange Computing Technology not only assisted us in developing an online brand, but also in establishing ourselves in a very competitive business.” We created a reputation in the neighborhood for quality construction projects, but Orange Computing Technology really helped us enhance that image online. We can continue to make a significant impact on our customers’ project, thanks to the success of our marketing and outreach activities.”

Willis Mbok, Geometric Construction Company limited.

Protect your CEO’s, and your brand’s, reputation with OCT.