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High-Performance Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising are quite effective. Few other marketing methods allow you to contact over 1,000 people for less $5. It can laser-focus on a small demographic in a small area, or it can easily disseminate a broad message to the multitudes. Thousands of businesses, however, are unable to capitalize on the power of Facebook advertising due to a lack of understanding of how to make it work for them.
It doesn’t have to be difficult to advertise on Facebook. It has the potential to be your most effective sales, acquisition, and lead nurturing tool, but it must be managed with the appropriate technology, experience, and care. Tell us about your objectives and target client segments, and our Facebook advertising experts will create a customized strategy for you.



Buyers are more likely to interact with your brand if they see a positive image. By getting more likes on your page and on your content, you attract more prospective buyers. We create campaigns that encourage both engagement and content likes to help your brand establish a positive image on Facebook.

Expand Your Audience

Orange Computing Technology, as a Facebook advertising firm, has a lot of expertise creating precise and innovative Facebook ad audiences that help our clients better reach and engage with their ideal customers. We’re also specialists at Facebook retargeting, which allows you to reconnect with existing leads who have expressed interest in your brand, giving you a second chance to close the deal. We also use Facebook’s Audience Insights function to gain a deeper understanding of your target audiences and connect with even more people who will enjoy your company.



While lead generation is a way to improve sales, Facebook also provides businesses with ways to improve existing engagements for increased sales. We build campaigns with your existing client base to help them understand what more you can do for them and entice them into expanding their engagement.

Attract More People to Your Events.

Almost definitely, the ideal audience for your event is on Facebook. One of the most popular social media networks, Facebook, has a lot to offer event planners. We build campaigns to capitalize on these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to reach out to new audiences that may be interested. Allow one of our Facebook experts to develop a Facebook advertising campaign for your event to promote it and increase registrations. We assist event planners in increasing attendance at one-time and recurring events.

Helped our practice flourish.

“DMA not only helped us build a brand online, but helped us establish ourselves into quite the competitive industry. We built a name for ourselves on our excellent outpatient care in the community, but DMA really helped us expand that image online. Thanks to the success of our marketing and outreach campaigns, we can continue to help make a positive impact on the daily lives of the people that depend on us for their care.”

Vana Samara, Family Medicine

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