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Orange Computing Technology, a full-service digital marketing firm, provides a number of social media management options. We can handle everything from Facebook and Instagram administration to paid advertising campaigns across all of your social media accounts.

In any case, every social campaign we execute is aimed at assisting you in achieving your objectives; marketing objectives and help you achieve your business goals.

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Facebook business profiles enable businesses to appeal to a growing audience of consumers on the popular social network. Our experts understand what it takes to grow an audience and how to generate the right types of buzz to attract and retain an audience interested in what you have to offer.

Proven Facebook Ad Management

With billions of active members worldwide, Facebook is the most popular social media network for marketers today. A business Facebook page is vital for keeping your customers up to date, creating brand awareness, and expanding your reach, whether your company is a small start-up or a well-established corporation.



Facebook is a treasure trove of useful information for any business. We use deep learning tools to understand your audience, providing you with feedback on how your clients feel about your offerings. We help you draw meaningful conclusions from your campaigns to improve your bottom line.

Create Meaningful Relationships

One of the most important facets of social media is communication. When your audience interacts with your brand, what is your brand’s message? Our experts work with your team to understand how to respond to questions or concerns and build meaningful relationships. We ensure that your relationships in social media grow and become a conversion tool by creating positive feedback and customer interactions.

Helped our practice flourish.

“DMA not only helped us build a brand online, but helped us establish ourselves into quite the competitive industry. We built a name for ourselves on our excellent outpatient care in the community, but DMA really helped us expand that image online. Thanks to the success of our marketing and outreach campaigns, we can continue to help make a positive impact on the daily lives of the people that depend on us for their care.”

Vana Samara, Family Medicine

Make sure your Facebook followers convert with DMA’s help.