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A mobile device will be used by around 66 % of all web users. It’s critical to have a mobile following if you want to dominate the online world, whether it’s through dedicated applications for different social platforms or through a range of search browsers. Our mobile-friendly pay-per-click strategy involves strategically placing your brand across the web on a variety of mobile-friendly platforms. We position your brand where it needs to be, whether it’s through in-app advertising, mobile paid search, or massive ad networks.



Knowing where your users are on the mobile web might be tricky. While marketers have had plenty of time to figure out how to best appeal to desktop consumers, the mobile web is still in its infancy. We take on the most recent trends and channels and continue to benchmark them in order to position you where it counts most.

Our ads are driven by audience research.

Users of the mobile web are always linked to it. You can target consumers at a critical point in their purchasing experience by putting your brand in front of them on their mobile device. We build an effective sponsored search marketing campaign designed for the mobile web, concentrating on connecting them to your business when they make a purchasing choice. We target the major search engines and the various methods in which they search for similar items and/or services in order to maximize our chances of converting them into a paying customer.



What sells you to your audience is your landing page or last conversion point. We make certain that you make a good first impression for each keyword or search term. We test a variety of landing pages to see which ones work best for various audiences and search situations.

Our mobile PPC automation cuts costs.

The usage of mobile is a massive repository of online information. The mobile market is dominated by various display networks, which have a significant impact over the ads that mobile web users see. To take advantage of this, we determine the many websites, platforms, and mobile apps that your target demographic uses in order to create a highly effective display advertising campaign. This ensures that your users are aware of your brand when they browse the mobile web. This results in greater brand recognition as well as increased conversions.

Helped our construction company flourish.

“Orange Computing Technology not only assisted us in developing an online brand, but also in establishing ourselves in a very competitive business.” We created a reputation in the neighborhood for quality construction projects, but Orange Computing Technology really helped us enhance that image online. We can continue to make a significant impact on our customers’ project, thanks to the success of our marketing and outreach activities.”

Willis Mbok, Geometric Construction Company limited.

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