Create your ideal website. We design websites that are both brand-centric and functional. Create your ideal website. We design websites that are both brand-centric and functional.

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Strategic Web Development Services

We all know that having a website is the best marketing armour you can have. Orange Computing Technology specializes on building powerful websites that are tailored to your business strategy and are flawless in every way. We work hard to assess, integrate, and process your vision in order to produce the greatest results.

We use the greatest open source platforms to create software solutions that improve e-Commerce, content management, employee communication, and business process automation.



Our user interface approach entails conducting research with a variety of audiences to learn how they interact with their devices. We develop websites that are innovative yet intuitive to the end user, contributing to the experience rather than detracting from it, as a result of this research.

Scalable Web Development Services

We take pride in creating lightweight websites with a high level of elegance through subtle animations that entice users to stay on the site longer while maintaining functionality and intuitive. Our in-house developers collaborate with the creative team on a daily basis. As the site adjusts to a user’s device, they locate natural breakpoints within the content and prioritize functionality based on known statistics, while deleting unneeded assets. This collaboration results in a better end product in less time, and our clients have access to a beta link that allows them to track our progress. We make sure that our websites are compatible with 95% of mobile devices.



Before and during development, our quality assurance team conducts a thorough audit of each project. This guarantees that the final product fulfills our quality requirements while also guaranteeing that certain security and ease-of-management criteria for a successful website launch are taken into account.

WordPress Web Support & Maintenance

WordPress gives Orange Computing Technology the foundation for building an easy-to-use content management system for your website. WordPress is the most user-friendly, adaptable, and frequently used content management system (CMS) on the internet, powering 30% of all websites. From integrations and modification to bespoke plug-in development, we are WordPress experts. At Orange, we don’t work with templates; everything is custom-designed and developed. WP Engine, with whom we’ve partnered, assures that your website is fast, safe, and dependable. We take great delight in knowing that our clients’ websites are always running to their full potential as the number one WordPress host.

Helped our construction company flourish.

“Orange Computing Technology not only assisted us in developing an online brand, but also in establishing ourselves in a very competitive business.” We created a reputation in the neighborhood for quality construction projects, but Orange Computing Technology really helped us enhance that image online. We can continue to make a significant impact on our customers’ project, thanks to the success of our marketing and outreach activities.”

Willis Mbok, Geometric Construction Company limited.

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