Every day, YouTube attracts 30 million users. With the appropriate strategy, you can skyrocket your sales.

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Gain Relevant Leads Through YouTube Ads.

Orange Computing Technology is a full-service digital marketing agency that can help you with all part of your YouTube marketing campaign. From narrowing your target demographic to building a thorough content marketing strategy to video content generation, optimization, distribution, analytics, and beyond, there is no part of YouTube marketing that we can’t handle. A video marketing plan is used at every stage of the sales funnel, and almost all of them use YouTube.



Create unique material that demonstrates your brand's beneficial influence to build your audience organically. We collaborate with video producers to make low-cost videos that convey a positive message. Your audience will be introduced to the videos in a natural way, and they will engage with the content.

YouTube Traffic and Lead Generation

YouTube can be a gold mine for business growth, providing steady streams of visitors, leads, and even the holy grail of sales. Continue to provide actual value while remaining social. Your authority will be firmly established in no time, and your business will gain the benefits that follow. According to research, YouTube is the finest platform for video marketing. You can improve your SEO, increase traffic and brand exposure, broaden your social reach, market to people outside of the United States, increase your Return on Investment (ROI), and diversify your video marketing strategy by using numerous channels. YouTube may be a great place to grow your business because you can obtain constant traffic.



Our team is well-versed in paid advertising on the YouTube platform, whether it's ads placed directly on other videos, prominent placement as relevant material, or sponsoring original content made by channels with a direct relationship to the consumers your company is targeting.

YouTube Influencer Outreach

YouTube influencers are an important aspect of the platform’s long-term success. We identify key influencers who are most likely to connect with your target audience and work with them to develop compelling content that will positively reflect your brand. We can help you sponsor films, offer samples, and even fund projects that will put your business in the spotlight. Collaborations and sponsored content from important channels have been shown to increase not only brand recognition but also sales and conversions among your target demographic.

Helped our construction company flourish.

“Orange Computing Technology not only assisted us in developing an online brand, but also in establishing ourselves in a very competitive business.” We created a reputation in the neighborhood for quality construction projects, but Orange Computing Technology really helped us enhance that image online. We can continue to make a significant impact on our customers’ project, thanks to the success of our marketing and outreach activities.”

Willis Mbok, Geometric Construction Company limited.

Reach your audience with YouTube influencers and content.